Academic Services

The ASC’s comprehensive, confidential Academic Services go above and beyond what is required by law to give our students the opportunity to thrive in the classroom. Our team includes professionals who are here to guide students at every step of their college journey and get them prepared for their post-educational career path ahead.


Unlimited Access to 1:1 Tutoring

We provide all ASC students specialized 1:1 tutoring with degreed professionals in all subjects. Unlike other programs, there is no peer tutoring. All tutors have credentials in the field they tutor which means our students get the structured guidance they need to succeed in their courses and their careers. Students gain embedded learning strategies and techniques through 1:1 tutoring which benefits them across all their studies.

State-of-the-Art Learning Lab

ASC students receive extended time for tests and access to private testing rooms which help eliminate distractions during test-taking. Students also have access to our Learning Lab for studying and coursework completion. The ASC Learning Lab provides multi-sensory, content-specific materials to help our students gain a better understanding of the courses they are studying. Supervised study tables help students stay focused on their assignments and test preparation. Students in the program also receive unlimited learning specialist support.

Full Use of Assistive Technology

ASC staff provide students individualized support for test preparation and organization skills. Full use of assistive technology is provided to ASC students at no additional cost. Assistive technology is provided for reading and literacy support, writing, notetaking, vision, hearing and auditory support, communication, and any other specific needs our students have.

Real-Time Support Through Co-Teaching Model

ASC students also receive real-time support for college composition and math courses through a co-teaching model of instruction. Having two teachers leading a classroom opens up more opportunities for one-on-one interaction between students and teachers, with specialized instruction when needed. These additional supports and resources are critical to the success of ASC students in composition and math classes at NDC.

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