Career Development

ASC students receive guidance to help them succeed in their coursework and preparation for post-grad life and the meaningful career that comes next.


Career and Major Exploration

Instruction provided by a certified Career Development Facilitator helps guide our students’ career preparedness and help them make important decisions regarding their career path after graduating from Notre Dame College.

Through an individualized intake and assessment process for each student, we determine the specific needs of each student and then create a goal-direction action plan to lead them to career and major exploration. Students are provided with career information and career planning resources that help guide their decision-making process.

Job Interview and Career Prep

In addition to networking and mock interview opportunities, the ASC provides students in the program with resume, cover letter and interview preparation to ensure they are ready for job interviews. Helping students build their communication skills and working to instill confidence helps them put their best foot forward. We also help match students with internships and job shadowing opportunities that lead to future employment.

Networking and Job Placement

Through regular engagement with employers, the ASC works to increase workplace accessibility and educate employers about learning disabilities. We also work to secure job placement and support services for students from partner agencies. The NDC campus holds career fairs in conjunction with consortiums and community partners that help students get their foot in the door with many great companies as well as job listings through Falcon Career Network.

Or maybe graduate school or a specific certification is next in a student’s educational or career path – the ASC provides the assistance they need to plan for the future ahead and be prepared for success. In addition to our enrolled students, the ASC also provides assistance and support to ASC alumni for career advising.

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