A Holistic Approach

At the ASC, we know a whole student approach to learning is the best way to ensure long-term success and growth. Our college-wide, collaborative model of support provides a liaison for each student. This liaison works to keep our students grounded and always in contact with an individual who can offer support. We also provide weekly checkups and on-site counselor for student social and emotional support.


The ASC Considers the Whole Student

To ensure a smooth transition to college learning, ASC students receive a specialized first-year seminar with licensed Cleveland Clinic clinicians. We also provide voluntary workshops and social skill groups to match a student’s needs and interests. Our professionals help students work on executive functioning and self-advocacy skill development to build their study skills and get them prepared for their career ahead.

Outside of the classroom and study time, many ASC students participate in clubs, sports and activities on the Notre Dame College campus. Structured social and volunteer experiences on campus and in the community provide additional opportunities for ASC students to connect with their peers and gain new experiences. We also provide opportunities for student recognition, including induction into a collegiate honor society, along with student leadership and academic achievement awards.

Partnership with The Cleveland Clinic

Notre Dame College’s partnership with the Cleveland Clinic helps first year students successfully transition to college life – academically, socially and emotionally. The Transfer to Action Program is a first year seminar course specially designed for ASC students and taught by licensed clinicians from the Cleveland Clinic. These clinicians work with our freshman to help them gain the tools they need to be successful in a collegiate environment. Additionally, these clinicians work to understand the psychology of each ASC student, help them form a network of their peers, and thrive in an environment where they feel socially and emotionally supported.

The ASC Professional Staff

Licensed Tutors

with professional credentials in field provide specialized, 1:1 tutoring services.

ASC Advisors

regularly sit down for Progress Meetings with students.

On-Site Counselor

provides students with emotional and social support.

ASC Liaisons

are assigned to each student for continuous support.

Licensed Cleveland Clinic Clinicians

provide specialized first-year seminar.

Certified Career Development Facilitators

provide students instruction for career preparation.

About the Program

The Academic Support Center at Notre Dame College gives students who are traditionally under-served in post-secondary education the additional supports they need to thrive in the classroom and after graduating.

To be eligible for the ASC, Notre Dame College students must be enrolled full time and submit documentation of a Learning Disability. Students who were on IEPs and 504 plans in high school commonly qualify for enrollment in the Academic Support Center. After enrolling, we create an individualized profile for each student.

Students in the program are assigned ASC advisors and certified career counselors to guide their experience and help them stay on track. Unlike other college programs with basic 504 services, we offer comprehensive, confidential academic services above and beyond what is required by law. Our students have unlimited access to services and support in our private, state-of-the-art ASC Learning Lab and distraction-free testing areas.

Explore the ASC Pillars of Support

Balancing Knowledge, Growth and Engagement


to thrive in the classroom.


to stay enrolled.


to meet post-grad goals.


to support student success.