Retention Resources

The Academic Support Center not only gives students with documented learning disabilities the support they need to retain and apply their studies, but it also provides retention resources to help them stay enrolled and on the path to graduation.


Helping Create Clear Paths to Success

With a clear vision of what lies ahead, our students are better equipped to stay enrolled and in control of their educational path. Students stay on track through regularly scheduled, customized Progress Meetings with their assigned advisor.

Creating weekly academic and personal schedules helps ASC students coordinate their tasks and assists with time management. The opportunity to map out assignments and tests each week with our professionals gives students a complete snapshot of their upcoming coursework. This guidance helps students balance their assignments with any personal appointments, plans, or extra-curricular activities.

The ASC assists students with course selection to ensure they are completing the credits they need for their individual degree program. Our students have a reliable source of support for scheduling classes each semester and mapping out their course to graduation. The ASC staff also helps students with final exam scheduling.

Monitoring Students’ Wellness & Performance

Through ongoing observation of student emotional and physical wellness, the ASC monitors students in the program to guide their well-being. We provide students referral to college and community care providers when appropriate and as needed.

Monitoring class attendance and grade performance of our students in the program also helps students stay on top of their coursework. We will personally and privately address any areas that need improvement in order to ensure each student’s success in their degree program at NDC.

Certified Career Development facilitators provide ASC students explicit instruction for employability skills. Students also receive embedded practice through tutoring and social activities.

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